Pouya has a BSc. In Physics from University of Tehran. He has also completed two MSc.’s in Geophysics and Physics from University of Tehran and Uppsala University. He completed doctoral studies at Curtin University and was awarded a PhD in Exploration Seismic in 2019. Since then, he has worked as a Subsurface Imaging and Processing Technologies’ Researcher at Curtin University.

The main focus of his research is to produce not only unprecedented high-quality images of the subsurface, but also minimise the monetary capital through use of advanced, Innovative and novel algorithms in seismic Imaging. More than 15 years of study and research in academia specialising in Geophysics, from ray theory to advanced laser optics, has given him the opportunity to join forces with Mehdi and Co-found SEISTECH. 

His tasks and duties at his current role are one-of-a-kind and of leading-edge nature. He hopes to promote the acceptance of advanced hard-rock seismic methods in the exploration and mining industries by building practical, effective solutions to their current and future problems.

Technical Interests:

  •  Hard-rock Seismic; from Theory to application of Seismic Imaging
  • Seismic Acquisition and Processing for shallow targets (Full-waveform Inversion (FWI), Seismic Tomography, MASW)
  • Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) data acquisition, processing and Imaging
  • Multi-component seismic processing for mineral exploration